UNDP Funded Project – Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Reference Project:  UNDP Green Building – Measurement and Environmental Analysis during construction stage

Brief Description:  ESS responsible for noise monitoring, collection and measurement of ambient air targets (SO2, NO2, O3, TSP), collection and measurement of water targets (pH, BOD5, COD, Oil/Grease, TSS, Coliform).  Sampling conducted over span of approximately twenty-four (24) months at project site.  ESS responsible for establishing test protocols and plans; management of environmental technicians; interfacing with applicable UNDP management; and all sampling and analysis.

Tetra Pak LEED Building Evaluation and Consulting

Reference Project:  LEED V4 CI project on Office, Support, Warehouse and Production areas of Packaging Plant.

Brief Description:  ESS was responsible for conduct of all LEED V4 CI measurements in referenced areas plus the conduct of individual testing of unclassified building materials under pursuant to CDPH/EHLB/Standard Method V1.2.  All assessments and completion conducted pursuant to required timeline and met applicable LEED goals.

UNHCR funded project – China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Iran, Indonesia

Reference Project:  Indoor air studies in corporate offices, regional refugee facilities and ancillary support buildings to identify building in-leakages, quantify air pollution and mitigate conditions with air purification equipment.
Brief Description:  ESS is responsible for conducting room/corridor pressurization testing, air quality assessment (including sampling and analysis) and mitigation of the indoor air quality in UNHCR offices, outposts and ancillary structures.