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We have been watching carefully as Viet Nam navigates through their electrical generation planning.  The last year has been filled with many surprises.

On the renewable side, solar projects have inundated the market and EVN recently put a moratorium on buying electricity from rooftop solar projects (rooftop solar grew a whopping 2435% in 2020).  Feed-in Tariff (FiT) rates have been reduced by 30%.  Commercial sale of solar generated electricity is reduced to 80% from any one project.  The Vietnam government is cautious about the glut of solar entering the market.

As provided by fossil fuels, exploration and development of off-shore leases continues to drive greater investment into the industry. Exxon’s Blue Whale project and the recent discoveries of oil/gas by Eni in nearby leases are examples of success in this industry.

GE has recently built a new combustion turbine manufacturing plant in Quang Ngai. The GE gas-fired combustion turbine is an ultralow-emission unit and can be online within a couple minutes – thereby providing stability and safety to the power grid. This investment strongly suggests that Viet Nam will continue looking for and managing safe ways of increasing capacity and providing stable power to the grid

The coal-fired power plant has always been the mainstay for most electrical generation grids. In Viet Nam, they have developed a number of coal-fired units and continue to expand and further develop as stated in Power Development Plan 8. Coal-fired units provide a safe, cost-effective and efficient way to maintain power to the grid.

President Moon Jae-in has stated that South Korea will stop investing in coal projects abroad. KEPCO and Samsung have stated publicly that they will divest from coal-fired projects after the completion of Vung Ang 2. Japan has continued to fund projects and hasn’t stated a change to their investment strategy.

Story regarding South Korea’s announcement:  South Korea/Vietnam: Debate intensifies on future of coal | IEA Clean Coal Centre (

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