International Capability Statement - 2020

Providing Environmental Solutions Since 1979

ESSI is an American based S-Corporation, established in 2015 with offices in USA, Viet Nam and Philippines. The company provides full- service environmental consultancy specializing in measurement and control of pollutants in air, water and soil matrices; remediation and thermal treatment technologies; and, design, engineering and build of specialized emission controls. Our projects are managed by the best in the business – consistently providing our customers with on-time and on-budget environmental solutions.


What Sets ESSI Apart from our Competitors?

Core Competencies

Air Quality Consulting and Measurement

Source Testing, Commissioning, Industrial Consulting Services
Ambient Air Monitoring, Networking, CAMS Maintenance
Industrial Hygiene and IAQ Monitoring, Networking, Mitigation and
EDR support for fed/regional compliance: ERT, CEDRI, ECPMS, EGRT
USCG Accredited Third-Party for Certification of Shipboard Incinerators

Green Building Support Services
LEED V4.1: BD+C; ID+C; O+M; and residential support
Room, Bldg, Corridor and Duct Pressurization/Depressurization testing

CEMS Design, Integration, Support
CEMS design, engineering, installation, maintenance and
CEMS RATA, PS11 Initial and Ongoing Audits, COMS Audit, P60/75

Remediation and Control Device Engineering/Integration Soil, Sludge and Water (in-situ and ex-situ) remediation and treatment Solid Waste Emission Control Equipment Source Control Technologies
Regulatory Negotiation, Forensic Studies and Standard Assessments Including EIAs, Phase I and II ESAs, Modeling Consulting and Negotiation – w/Local, State, Regional and Fed Entities Forensic studies for environmental impacts
Specialty Environmental Equipment Source, ambient, lab, IH and IAQ sampling/monitoring equipment Specialty Pure and Calibration Gases Incinerators and Waste/Recycle Oil Processing

Federal and State Certifications

US SBA Small Business Designation (per 13 CFR 121)
ASTM D7036 Accredited
Lab VELAP/ISO 17025 Accredited
USCG Accepted Facility – Shipboard Incinerator
Inspection – 46 CFR Part 63

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Past Performance (Fed, State, Commercial)