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ESSI provides full-service environmental consultancy specializing in measurement and control of pollutants in air, water and soil matrices; remediation and thermal treatment technologies; design, engineering and build of specialized emission controls; and, distribution of environmental measurement and control equipment.

With offices across the globe, our multilingual staff can help you tackle even your most challenging environmental concerns. Our international insights give ESSI the industry edge, allowing us to adapt to a changing industrial landscape and positioning us as one of the leading global environmental consultancies.

ESSI understands the highly sensitive nature and necessity for accurate environmental testing data. Employing a wealth of environmental testing experience, industrial knowledge, and state-of-the-art equipment, ESSI consistently delivers accurate and timely results and strives for complete client satisfaction.

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ESSI provides cradle-to-grave solutions for all your environmental needs, including: Air quality consulting and measurement; CEMS/CAMS design, integration and support; Remediation and control device engineering/integration; Regulatory negotiation, forensic studies and standard assessments; Green building support services; and, Distribution of specialty environmental support equipment.

Air Quality Consulting and Measurement

Green Building Support Services

CEMS/CAMS Design, Installation and Support

Distribution of Specialty Environmental Support Equipment

Remediation and Control Device Engineering/Integration

Regulatory Negotiation, Forensic Studies and Standard Assessments


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Our mission is to strengthen our clients’ environmental programs by delivering innovative solutions. ESSI teams deliver on this mission by continually raising the bar and providing high quality deliverables – always endeavoring to exceed our client expectations.